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Based in Lansing, Michigan

Release Date:

February 10th 2017 (Early Access)


Steam - PC/Mac



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Achievements & Recognition:

2016 Power of Play Indie Game Competition - Finalist

Greenlit on Steam

Funded on Kickstarter

Invited by Intel to demo the game at SIGGRAPH 2016

Shown at GDEX 2016



Rogues Like Us combines hack ‘n slash combat with rogue-lite dungeon crawling into a fast-paced adventure full of monsters, mayhem, and endless loot! Become a Rogue and make your way through procedural dungeons, fighting waves of enemy constructs and powerful bosses in an effort to survive increasingly dangerous dungeons and find the treasures hidden within.

Dungeons are perilous and combat is fast-paced, forcing you to quickly react and adapt to whatever stands in your way. To overcome these dangers, you will need to obtain weapons, armor, and powerful gems and runestones. Empower your weapon with these gems and runestones to gain unique stat boosts and effects that will change the way you approach combat, giving you the upper hand.

There are many mysteries to be uncovered about the world of Rogues Like Us, centering around the Hub, a rough and rugged city built atop the ruins of an ancient civilization.


Fight Procedurally Generated Dungeons

  • Fight your way through an endless number of unique dungeons! Dungeons are created through a combination of hand-crafted design and procedural generation, providing a unique experience on each play-through.

Find Your Combat Style

  • All player stats, such as speed, damage, starting health, etc. are Weapon specific. Giving each weapon that you find and use a unique feel and combat style.

Discover Secrets

  • Explore to find the secrets hidden within the dungeon. Learn about these wild lands and their connection to you and your home.

Empower your Weapons

  • A vast number of gems and rune stones can be found that give your weapons unique effects. These effects must be activated in the dungeons by slaying enemies.

Expand your Arsenal

  • New weapons, armor, gems and rune stones and more can be found in loot chests throughout the dungeons. Loot found in chests are kept safe at your base, allowing you to change your equipment between dungeon runs.

Be Roguishly Handsome

  • Fully customize your look using armor and dyes you find throughout the dungeon.



This project began September 2015 as a student project for our Game Design and Development program. We released it December 2015 under the name Dungeoneers, and it was so well received that we decided to continue development and bring our vision to life. Over the next four months, we reworked and re-built the game up from the ground up into something we were truly proud of. At the 2016 Game Developer’s Conference (GDC), we showed off the game to others and were once again very well received. We knew we had to make this game the best we could before releasing it.


We formed oddByte LLC in May 2016 to continue working on the game as an independent studio. Rogues Like Us has since been funded on Kickstarter, Greenlit on Steam,  was a finalist in the 2016 Power of Play Indie Game Competition and Expo, invited by Intel to demo at their booth at SIGGRAPH 2016, and shown at GDEX 2016. We are currently planning a Steam Early Access release February 10th, 2017.


Monetization Permission

oddByte allows for the content of Rogues Like Us to be published through video broadcasting services for any commercial or non-commercial purposes. Monetization of videos created containing assets from Rogues Like Us is legally & explicitly allowed by oddByte.

About oddByte

We are oddByte, a new indie game company based in Lansing, Michigan. We are group of six passionate indie developers who have recently graduated from the Game Design & Development program at Michigan State University (MSU). Between us, we have multiple years of experience: working at a professional indie game studio, at a contract game lab creating games for clients (including NASA, the National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory, the Frankel Jewish Academy, and Michigan State University), and releasing 12 titles across Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android

Rogues Like Us Credits

Elan Gleiber

Project Lead, Lead Designer, Systems Designer

Patrick Williams

Gameplay Programmer

Chris Ulrich

3D Artist, UI Artist & Designer

Zach Klegon

3D Artist, Animator

Matt Bearup

Level Designer, 3D Artist

Prin Keerasuntonpong

Music, SFX - Collaborator










Copyright 2016, oddByte LLC