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Become a Rogue and fight to save your town in this hack n' slash rogue-like.

Now available for PC/MAC on Steam

The Game

Rogues Like Us is a hack n’ slash rogue-lite where you must save your town from ancient constructs that have recently awoken. Play by yourself or with a friend in local co-op and collect weapons, armor, and enchantments while exploring dangerous locales and defeating powerful bosses.

The land of Arventous is perilous and combat is fast-paced, challening you to quickly adapt to whatever stands in your way. Discover weapons, enchantments, trinkets, shrines, and more to aid you on your journey. However, be warned, death carries a heavy price, requiring you to start again from the beginning, but this time with the knowledge of past mistakes and new gear!


A Unique Adventure Every Play

  • Fight your way through an endless number of unique dungeons! Dungeons are created through a combination of hand-crafted design and procedural generation, providing a unique experience on each play-through.

Local CO-OP

  • Adventure alone or with a friend in shared screen local co-op!

Find Your Combat Style

  • All combat stats, such as speed, damage, slam damage, etc. are weapon specific. Giving each weapon you find a unique feel and style of play.


Expand Your Arsenal

  • Unlock over 150 different pieces of gear, including weapons, armor, enchantments, and dyes for your future adventures!

A Weathered World

  • Get to know your new "friends" in the town of Recluse, or your new enemies, the constructs. Detailed descriptions of each boss and enemy you defeat are added to a bestiary in town. Every weapon or set of armor you collect gives insight into the state of the world and pages of a mysterious journal reveal long lost information.

Roguish Good Looks

  • Fully customize your character by mixing and matching armor and dyes to achieve that perfect look!


Become a Rogue and stay notified!

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“...an action adventure masterpiece”
— Indarea Reviews
“Rogues Like Us is an addictive roguelike that keeps you coming back for more... It’s pleasing to look at, even more enjoyable to listen to and a bliss to play.”
— This Gen Gaming
I have enjoyed this game very much! It has gotten me into roguelikes for the first time so great work!
— EBF Game Wolf

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